Vintage Sindy Collectors


The Pedigree Sindy doll, Do you remember her?

The Sindy Doll made by Pedigree came into life in 1963 and throughout the years she made some changes, if you own your childhood doll you are a very lucky persons as some collectors dont, but yet we all have a love for her.

This website was designed so you an get information on her life, identify her age, meet our Facebook members, maybe join our Facebook group and if you would like to own your very own OOAK (one of a kind) Sindy you can do so by “Meeting the Girls”

We dont just enjoy the traditional Vintage dolls but also enjoy the girls that have been brought into the 21st Century, Have been cleaned up and given a new hair colour and style, maybe had a few freckles or eyelashes added, but its all in keeping with her original look.

Read on……

Lets Bring Sindy Up To Date!


If you cant afford the boxed never been played with Sindys but yet still enjoy the quality of a lovely looking doll, look no further. Sindy is pretty old now so she isn’t going to be looking her best, her hair could be dry and damaged, she may have had a haircut or two and many other things she could have encountered along the way.

This is where we come in, we have brought the Vintage Pedigree Sindy into the 21st Century and have cleaned her up, given her a completely new look by adding new hair in the colour of your choice.

We dont JUST reroot in the traditional colours so if you fancy something a bit different and you want your girl to stand out from the rest we also offer soft pastels to bright vibrant colours and are always open to new and different ideas.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

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